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I have found that successful female professionals who are goal driven and self motivated often plan their lives carefully to achieve predictable outcomes. They establish their vision, align their goals with that vision, and set out on their course. But when life changing events force them off that pre-established path, that loss of direction and purpose means they become paralyzed by fear of the unknown and lack of clarity. This event could be almost anything -- loss of a thriving career, crumbling marriage, health problems, family instability, or simply a realization of unfulfilled potential, which I have experienced myself multiple times throughout my life.

The resources that propel us through life -- self confidence, drive, self motivation -- become muted. We feel incapable of moving forward but going backwards is not an option. The result could be the feeling of complete overwhelm, lack of confidence, drive, resilience, and loss of self. We want to move forward, but the uncertainty keeps us in a holding pattern.

In these situations, what we need above all is to rise above the impact this event has on our lives and build a life that is rooted in being true to ourselves, our passion, our desire, and our purpose. Through this, we can become connected to the world and own our impact. Life is an adventure to be embraced.

My coaching programs are specifically designed to target your individual challenges and help you regain control of your life.


One on one coaching is a commitment to yourself and your resolve to change your current situation.  We will meet for weekly 60-minute video meetings to set goals and set a sense of accountability for following through on those goals and dreams.  One on one coaching is available in intervals of 3, 6, or 12 months.  This allows us to transition from short term to long term goals as you are ready to tackle them.

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For those needing a more affordable option or looking for a more communal journey, I am developing a group coaching program!  I believe that people are our most valuable resource and connecting people to resources is my passion.  My group coaching program is developed with that intent, to support like minded professionals experiencing life changing events that have put them at a crossroads in their lives.  As a group we navigate these issues and empower each other as we move forward. The program is organized in a cohort of 4-6 people and takes place over the course of 6 months. There are always new groups forming, so it is never the wrong time to get started and make a change in your life!


If you are curious about what life coaching is, wondering if hiring a life coach is right for you, or just want to get a taste of working with a life coach without the commitment, this workshop is for you! As a certified Power Tools for Living workshop facilitator, I offer this three hour workshop that will introduce you to the dynamic and growing world of coaching. This incredible workshop will provide you with powerful tools to apply to projects in your life, allowing you to achieve results at a level beyond what you believe is possible.  Keep an eye on my events calendar to see when the next workshop will be!


Mindset and leadership webinars are a brand new offering that I am excited to make available.  These are best suited for corporate or other professional environments and make for a great team building and employee health exercise.  In these webinars, we will examine what mindset and leadership mean to different people as well as various tools we can use to positive effect in the workplace and in our personal lives.  These workshops are not restricted to female employees, since people of all genders can benefit from an empowered mindset and a new perspective on leadership!

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