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As a Career and Transformational Life Coach, I specialize in supporting accomplished, female professionals create their “What’s Next” after life changing events have catapulted them onto a crossroads in their career or personal lives. Through both my training and my lived experiences (career transitions, marriage, divorce, parenthood, empty nester, and cancer survivor), I understand the resistance we all feel in pushing through the barriers of fear, self-doubt, and indecisiveness. Together, we will journey down your road to self-discovery, dismantling your limiting belief system, developing a new empowered mindset, and unearthing your life purpose. We design your “What’s Next” vision from passion and desire and help you create reliable structures to live a vibrant and incredible life!


Concurrently, I am also a leader with Accomplishment Coaching, an international coaching and leadership program where I help develop and empower future coaches and leaders in Transformational and Ontological Coaching. I hold a BA from the University of Colorado in Communications and Journalism Studies. I currently live in Florida with my husband, and I am a grandmother of 4 rambunctious toddlers. I am living proof that we can all live at our highest level, and I truly believe that my life purpose is to bring joy and connection to all people on the planet.

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