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Life is a series of starts and stops and for many, it is the start that stops most people.


One of the biggest lessons I have learned over many decades of life is that life is unpredictable and rarely goes to plan. Both personally and professionally, I have experienced numerous instances where my plans had to be redirected. Some were my own choice but many were not. These times were great opportunities to head in exciting new directions, but often one big dilemma stood in my way and kept me from moving forward.

Does this sound familiar? Life doesn’t follow a straight path. In fact, it’s a series of crossroads that can take us in vastly different directions. At some of these crossroads we intuitively know the best direction to take and don’t give it a second thought. We have chosen to trust that we know what is best for us and feel empowered in that decision. But what about the times when we are confused and overwhelmed, and we have no idea which direction to follow? We don’t trust ourselves to know what is best, so we're afraid to choose and end up going nowhere. When we get overwhelmed and confused, we feel completely powerless to make an actual decision.

My name is Marcye Brown, and I can help. I am here to partner with you as you discover your inner voice, establish a trusting relationship with your intuition (thoughts), and navigate these major decisions in your life. Together we will identify your options, evaluate the best course of action, and take the steps to living your life by your own design, on purpose and with purpose!

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